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Ant Bite Pictures
Ant Bites
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Black Ant Bite Pictures
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Pictures Of Fire Ant Bites
Ant Bite Photos
Pictures Of Ant Bites

Red Ant Bite Pictures
Ant Bite PictureRed Ant Bites Pictures


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Aamir says:

I'll those are the baby and alert Nast

Dee Hughes says:

I have small dots on me that itch sooo bad!!! Mostly on my feet and behind my knee! It looks like ant bites only cuz my friends car had ants all in it!! But the crazy thing is I never felt a single bite!!! Now I'm covered in bites and itching!!!! I put ammonia.on them it's a temporary fix

james damon says:

the pain from my bite radiates up my pointer finger alittle im 66 yrs old lives in fla

james damon says:

I was bitten by either n ant or small bee between missle finger n pointer finger on left hand is very painfuland it burns a lot I put rubbing alcohol on it and peroxide but I don`t see where a stinger from a bee went in.. Do I wait till morning to see what becomes of it before seeing my doctor ...plzz help

brandi perkins says:

do army ants sting or bite
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